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 Order of British Empire for Six Muslims

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PostSubject: Order of British Empire for Six Muslims   Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:04 am

Order of British Empire for Six Muslims

London: Six Muslims received the Order of British Empire (OBE) and six others were selected for Member of British Empire (MBE) in this year's New Year list. But no Muslim figured in the knighthood list. Among those who received OBE is Chennai-born Nasser Hussain, the captain of the British cricket team. The award is in recognition of Hussain's leadership in leading England to four wins in the consecutive series. Dr. Rashid Gatred, head of Paediatrics in Manor Hospital in West Midland received the OBE for his services in the field of treatment of children and to ethnic minorities. Dr. Khizar Humayun Ansari received the OBE for services to higher education. He is director of the Centre for Ethnic Minorities Studies at Royal Holloway College, University of London. Another OBE awardee is Dr. Moussa Jogee, Deputy Chair Commissioner for Racial Equality, Scotland. He was awarded for services to Racial Equality. Wasfi Kani got the OBE for work in prisons. She set up Pimlico Opera in 1988 which tours prisons all through England. Kani says her Operas are supposed to educate and rehabilitate prisoners. Jasim Ahmed received the OBE for service to the British community interest in Asia. Among the MBE awardees are Freda Hussain for service to the community in Leicester, Abdul Karim Shakoor, Outreach worker, Cartwheel community, Arts, services to arts in Manchester, Shama Mahmood Ahmed, services to the community in Newham, Chaudhury Mohammad Anwar, services to community relations in Middlesex and Parveen Mirza for service to Community Relations in Nottingham.

US honours Muslim Police Officials

Washington: Four Muslim members of the New York City police department were recently honoured here for their heroic work after the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11. The event, entitled: “A Tribute to Muslim and Arab-American Heroes,” was sponsored by the Islamic Institute and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The event drew over 120 members and leaders of the Muslim and Arab-American communities, as well as the Bush administration officials. Officers Adil Almontaser, Ahmed Nasser, Rafet Awad, and Faisal Khan were all on duty when the attacks occurred at the World Trade Center. They spent the next several days working non-stop in the rescue efforts. Since September 11, Nasser said he has noticed a difference in the questions put to him about Islam. The NewYork police force is also making an effort to understand Muslims, he said. Nasser immigrated from Yemen 15 years ago, and joined the force. Officer Almontaser and his colleagues had decided to create the American Muslim Law Enforcement Officers Association, AMLEOA, “to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Muslim community.” Their aim, he said, is to encourage more Muslim Americans to go into law enforcement. Nina Shokraii Rees, Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for Domestic Policy, said “These brave public servants are among our nation’s greatest heroes”. Ziad Asali, president, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, said, “the four men who are here represent the very best we can offer this country.” Khaled Saffouri of Islamic Institute, said lack of understanding about Islam and the Muslim community is because “we do not participate in the law enforcement system”

UP Elections
Muslims who won in the recent UP Elections

Constituency District Winners Party

Gopalpur Azamgarh Vasim Ahmad SP
Nizamabad Azamgarh Alambadi SP
Charda Bahraich Shabbir SP
Bahraich Bahraich Dr. Vaqar Ahmad SP
Utraula Balrampur Anwar Mahmood SP
Tulsipur Balrampur Mashood Khan SP
Sikandarpur Balia Jiyauddin Rizvi SP
Kawar Bareilly Sultan Beg SP
Baheri Bareilly Manjoor Ahmad SP
Gauri Bazar Deoria Shakir Ali SP
Rudauli Faizabad Abbas Ali Zaidi SP
Kamalganj Farrukhabad Jamaluddin Siddiqui SP
Firozabad Firozabad Azim Bhai SP
Sambhal Jyotiba Phule Iqbal Mahmood SP
Aryanagar Kanpur Haji Mushtaq SP
Kinthore Meerut Shahid Manjoor SP
Kunderki Moradabad Mohd Rizwan SP
Pilibhit Pilibhit Riyaj Ahamad SP
Rampur Rampur Mohd.Aazam Khan SP
Domariaganj Siddharthnagar Kamal Yusuf Malik SP
Menhdawal Siddharthnagar Abdul Kalam SP
Varanasi North Varanasi Abdul Kalam SP
Amroha Jyotiba Phule Mehboob Ali RPD
Baghpat Baghpat Kawkab Hameed RLD
Bareilly Cantt Bareilly Shahlin Islam IND
Mau Mau Mukhtar Ansari IND
Kaimganj Farrukhabad Luis khursheed INC
Moradabad rural Moradabad Shamimul Haq INC
Suartanda Rampur Nawab Kazim Ali INC
Gauriganj Sultanpur Noor Mohammad INC
Agra Cantt Agra Mohd.Vashir BSP
Soraon Allahabad Mohd.Mujtaba BSP
Sagri Azamgarh Malik Masud BSP
Mahsi Bahraich Ali Bahadur BSP
Seohara Bijnor Kutubuddin BSP
Salempur Deoria Fasiha Murad BSP
Khaga Fatehpur Mohd. Shafir BSP
Sandila Hardoi Abdul Mannan BSP

Compiled By Dr. Mohammad Nahid Siddiqui
Hajees miss Haj
By A Staff Writer

Mumbai: Hundreds of pilgrims in Mumbai who had all the relevant travel papers were denied permission to travel to Saudi Arabia for this year's Haj. An official in the Central Haj Committee (CHC), the body under the Ministry of External Affairs that arranges for the travel of pilgrims from India, admitted that this was the first time pilgrims with proper travel papers were left behind. The CHC official in Mumbai says the pilgrims were denied passage because there were no accommodation facilities for them in Saudi Arabia. But when some of them told the authorities they would arrange for their own accommodation there, they were told there were no seats available on the aircraft. There are allegations of widespread corruption in the CHC. The CHC has a quota of 72,000 pilgrims who are given partially subsidised travel facilities to Saudi Arabia. This year, only 70,000 pilgrims applied under the quota. In Mumbai, more than 100 pilgrims whose papers had been processed by the CHC were not allowed to travel. Shahabuddin Shaikh, owner of the Shalimar restaurant in Null Bazar in Mumbai, said that even after he was told by immigration that the 'pilgrim pass' could be used to travel on a regular flight, he was denied a ticket by Saudi Arabian Airlines. The explanation given by Yusuf Abrahani, Mumbai-based member of the Central Haj Committee, is that there were fewer cancellations from Haj pilgrims this year, which is why these 100 pilgrims could not be accommodated. "Normally, during any year, there are around 5,000 cancellations. This year there were only 2,000. We had accommodation for 69,500 pilgrims. But we had 70,000 pilgrims, including those in the waiting list who were adjusted against the cancellations,"says Abrahani.

WAMY Meet on Globalisation

Riyadh: The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) will hold its 9th International Conference here from October 22 -25, 2002, on the theme of “Muslim Youth and Globalisation”. According to Dr. Manie Al-Johani, secretary-general of WAMY, Muslim scholars, intellectuals and Dawah activists can participate in the conference, which will be dedicated to the challenges facing the Muslim youth. Explaining the significance of the seminar, Dr. Al-Johani said globalisation has led to the dismantling of socio-cultural and national barriers, because of the impact of the IT revolution and the satellite tele-communications network. The topics to be discussed in the bilingual conference are: “Youth and Economic liberalisation”. “Cultural and Information Freedom”; “Youth and Political Consciousness”; “Cultural and Educational liberalisation” and “Dawah and Globalisation.” Participants should submit copy of their abstracts before June 1 and the research papers by August 2, 2002.

Muslim Cemetery in Tokyo

Japan, IINA: The Islamic Center in Tokyo is giving the final touches to the setting up of an Islamic Cemetery. The cemetery has been financed by the Saudi Monarch, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. The center has also acquired land in Tokyo on which it intends to build a new Islamic school in the Japanese capital. Since the September 11, events in the US, the Tokyo Islamic Center has been receiving numerous enquiries about Islam, to the extent that the officials of the center have now appealed for the reprinting of the Quran translation and other Islamic books. There are around 100,000 indigenous Japanese Muslims, in addition to 300,000 Muslims from other countries who are working and living in Japan.

Middle-East Convention of MES

Dubai: The establishment of a new medical college for Indian Muslims was discussed at the Middle-East Convention of the Muslim Educational Society (MES) here recently. The one-day conference of the MES was held at the Dubai Renaissance Hotel which was attended by delegates of the Indian Muslim communities from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Kerala. According to Dr. M K Ibrahim, Chairman of the MES’s Middle East Committee and Convenor of the meeting in Dubai, the setting up of a new medical college in Kerala within a year was on the agenda.

Afghan Kids Survive on Leaves and Roots

Islamabad: Girls as young as 10 are being offered for marriage in exchange for bags of flour in a desperate struggle for survival in parts of Herat and Farah provinces in Western Afghanistan, according to a Red Crescent Mission report. Describing the shocking poverty in Western Afghanistan, a Red Crescent assessment mission reported scenes of great deprivation in villages which have been cut off from the outside world for years. Young girls were offered as brides for as little as 100 kgs of wheat flour. “We saw children digging in the fields for roots to eat. Leaves from the trees were also being eaten,” said the operations manager of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Islamabad. The assessment team surveyed 12 villages in the remote valley of Rood Gaz with a population of 10,305 people. Among them were 510 orphans, 261 widows and 699 elderly dependent on their impoverished neighbours and remittances from refugees in Iran.

CAIR registers 100,000 Muslim Voters

Washington, IINA: The Washington-based Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has embarked on a programme that seeks to register at least 100,000 Muslim voters for the upcoming elections in November. The local government and Congressional elections will take place in November. CAIR has also established a database of Muslim voters and anyone seeking more information about registration and other relevant matters could visit their website at CAIR has also published a directory entitled The Directory of the Muslim Voter comprising the basic information on how to register, and how to organise the registration exercise.

Palestinians suffer Mental Trauma

Jerusalem, IINA: A survey conducted recently on the effects of the Israeli occupation and aggression on the Palestinian children, women and families, has revealed that 596,000 children under the age of 18, have become hysterical and cry uncontrollably, while another 788,000 have been affected by the fear of being left alone in the home and another 839,000 fear darkness. Another finding of the survey is that 28 per cent of the children have been permanently disabled, while another 28 per cent partially disabled, while another 22 per cent have been disfigured. The survey shows that 56,000 Palestinians have moved away from their homes, as a result of the siege imposed by the Israelis, of whom children make up 53 per cent.

The Gallup Poll review on United States

New Jersey: Residents of nine Muslim countries called the United States “ruthless and arrogant” in a new poll., with most describing themselves as “resentful” of the superpower. The Gallup poll found that a 2 to I margin, residents in these nations express an unfavourable opinion of the United States and a majority also indicated their displeasure with President Bush. Sixty one per cent said they did not believe Arab groups carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks. Researches conducted face-to face interviews with 9,924 residents of Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to gauge public opinion in those countries following the September 11 attacks. The overall view was not a positive one for the United States-53 per cent of the people questioned had unfavourable opinions of the United States, while 22 per cent had favourable opinions.

Madrasa Board in Delhi
By A Staff Writer

New Delhi: The State government in Delhi has decided to regulate the functioning of over 1,000. madrasas through a ‘Madrasa Board’. According to the proposal, the Board will not only be responsible for monitoring the functioning of the madrasas, but will also introduce modern system of education for the students. According to Delhi Wakf Board chairman Haroon Yusuf, there are over 1,000 madrasas, which are not registered under any authority and majority of them operate from local mosques.
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Order of British Empire for Six Muslims
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