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 UK Minister draws

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PostSubject: UK Minister draws   Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:05 am

UK Minister draws
flak for Islamophobic remarks

London : The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)is holding a meeting with Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain over his recent remarks in which he stigmatised the whole Muslim community for the rise in racial tensions and for some of the problems associated with terrorism, reports The Muslim News."The purpose of the meeting is to seek clarification on his statement about the Muslim community, immigration and asylum seekers," MCB Secretary General Iqbal Sacranie told The Muslim News. "We are willing to work together to identify concerns of our communities," he said. In an interview with the Sunday Times Hain singled out Muslim groups as "isolationists." Islam was a "much bigger factor than racial tension" and there was the tendency of a minority to isolate themselves that left them vulnerable to exploitation by "bin Laden-type individuals" and targeting by racists and Nazis, he said. His Islamophobic outburst, following comments by Home Secretary David Blunkett that immigrants were "swamping" schools, provoked a backlash of criticism from Muslim leaders. The Foreign Office Minister was particularly offensive to second and third generation British Muslims by implying that they were still "foreigners".
Oxford offers scholarships

London: The Oxford Center for Islamic Studies is all set to offer a number of scholarships for the academic year 2003-2004, to support those who are keen on humanities, social studies and topics related to Islam. The closing date for the acceptance of applications is November 15, 2002. The Oxford Center also organised a conference on Islamic Fiqh, under the theme “The United States and the Muslim World,” in conjunction with the Rhodes House institute in Oxford, and discussed various aspects of the cultural, economic and other relations between the United States and the Muslim world. For further details,
visit the web site
Seminar on Islamic Dinar

Kuala Lumpur: An international seminar on “The Islamic Dinar” monetary value was held with the objective of working towards the unification of the Islamic economies. Last year, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Muhammad, had suggested the Gold Dinar as the alternative currency for international trade, more so trade between Islamic countries. Malaysia has taken positive steps in this connection, mainly because of the instability of some of today’s currencies. The seminar was attended by the Governor of the Central Bank, and more than 150 representatives from various financial institutions, companies, banks, university professors, students and representatives of religious entities from various districts of the country.
Solar power brightens villagers'
lives in northern Syria

Aleppo : Four rural villages in the Aleppo region in northern Syria not connected to the national electric grid are generating power locally with solar panels, a model that holds promise for other remote rural communities around the country. The Japan International Cooperation Agency installed solar panels to supply electricity in all the villages, including individual systems for homes in three villages- Fedre, Katoura and Kaliff and a central system in Zarzita. The agency also installed solar power for pumping water in Kalif and Zarzita and for water desalination in Kaliff, which is an arid area. A complementary UNDP initiative, carried out by Syria’s Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology and funded by Japan, provided training in operating and maintaining the power systems. Most households in the villages use the electricity for lighting and the centralised solar system provides enough power for some families to use refrigerators, fans and washing machines. “These projects contribute to improving living standards in the four villages by providing a sustainable and environmental friendly source of energy,” said Taoufik Ben Amara, UNDP Resident Representative.
Saudi artists head to South Korea for
'World Cup' of arts

Jeddah: Al-Mansouria Foundation for Culture and Creativity, Saudi Arabia's leading foundation for promoting Saudi art and culture globally, is participating in the upcoming Babel 2002 exhibition in the National Museum for Contemporary Art in South Korea.The exhibition, from June 5 to August 4, is part of the World Cup celebrations in Japan and South Korea. Babel 2002 has two sub-titles, "Race-Face" and "Langue-Dialogue". In the "Race-Face" category, Al-Mansouria will present Jiniyat Lar, the work of Shadia Alem and Raja Alem. And in the "Langue-Dialogue", it will enter the work Dialectique by Mahdi Al-Jeraibi. The exhibition features the works of artists from 32 nations, which participate in the World Cup, focusing on the human face and language. Princess Jawaher bint Majed, head of Al-Mansouria, said, "The participation of Saudi artists in Babel 2002 is an opportunity for them to showcase their experiences and a chance to export Saudi art abroad to deepen understanding." Babel 2002 aims to testify the fact that the differences among various races and languages can reconcile with one another and co-exist within the realm of contemporary art.

Islam and human rights

Doha: The Center for Research and Studies, an offshoot of Qatar’s Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, has published a new book on human rights, entitled Human Rights Between the Shariah and the Law, authored by Dr. Munir Hameed Al-Bayaty. Among the topics covered in the book are: Basic Thoughts in Human Rights and Freedom in Islam, Human Rights in International Law and Constitutions, Islamic Model of the Constitutional State and Methodology of Initiating Human Rights in the Islamic System. The book also explains how the Islamic faith ensures for Muslim societies security and safety that are non-existent in other civilizations of the contemporary world.
Islamic Preaching Contest in China

Beijing: The 4th Session of the Islamic Preaching Contest, hosted by the Muslim Association of China received an overwhelming response. The five-day competition had 80 competitors, chosen from 22 different cities and regions of the country, and the Chinese Institute of Islamic Studies. The president of the Chinese Muslim Association, Yui Tchin Qui, said that the objective of the competition is to encourage the deepening of Islamic knowledge and to protect social stability, as well as to fight drug smuggling and misuse .
Software for calculation of inheritance

Kuala Lumpur, IINA: The University of Science of Malaysia has come up with a computer software that makes it easy and faster to calculate the amount of inheritance due to each of the inheritor of an estate that is left by a deceased person. The program, known as e-Faraid, is the creation of three of the university’s academicians, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Majeed, Prof. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Fiyadh and Prof. Abdullah Ambung, with the help of Yusuf Tshiteh, head of the Shariah Court, Finanag Island, Malaysia. Work on the software was sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Malaysia.
Dubai gets Best Clean City Trophy

Dubai: Dubai received the Best Clean City Trophy recently at an international conference held in Egypt. Munther Akram Juma, head of the External Relations and Organisations Office, accepted the trophy on behalf of Qassim Sultan, Director General of Dubai Municipality. The prestigious trophy was given to Dubai Municipality during a ceremony organised by the Centre for Arab-European Co-operation to honour a number of Arab personalities who have contributed in the field of environmental protection at the regional and international levels. The ceremony was held on the sidelines of the 12th conference on "Protection of Environment - A Necessity of Life" in the coastal city of Alexandria. Dubai Municipality was a key player in organising the conference with the cooperation of the Middle East Research Centre at Ain Shams University, the International Scientists Foundation of Arab Development Institute, the Arab Towns Organisation and many other organisations. Al Midfa, who led the UAE delegation to the conference, was also honoured for his efforts. He thanked Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance and Industry, and Chairman of Dubai Municipality, and Qassim Sultan for the Municipality's endeavours and supervision of the policies and programmes implemented during the past years. Al Midfa said that winning the trophy adds to the great achievements of the country. He said it is motivating for the people of the UAE to further contribute in environment-related issues.
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UK Minister draws
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