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 Pain Turned Me Towards Allah!

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PostSubject: Pain Turned Me Towards Allah!   Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:47 am

Pain Turned Me Towards Allah!

By Sumaiya

My story is different from others. I have passed 12th and I have no chance to study further as my father lost his job due to some reasons. So he went away from our family. My only younger brother wanted to study more. He went to Chennai and joined a college with the help of his friends. Now, he is the student of B.Sc. final year.

On this situation, I have to maintain my family to care of my mother and myself. So I found a job at a local novelty stores. I am getting a moderate salary for our provisions.

During these days a distress of calamity attacked my life My beloved mother developed cancer. I was shocked and took her for treatment to Adayar Cancer Hospital, Chennai.. After primary treatment, they left her at home. She is suffering from cancer of the kidney. I have no provision for further treatment.

Our neighbour is a pious Muslim. He heard my troubles and gave me the book of Al-Quran with translations. Before knowing the Quran, I thought it may be a Book of Saga. But after reading it, I understood that Islam is a way of life. I studied the Quran often thoroughly. The Quran taught me the patience to deal with the trials and tribulations of human life. We have to face them and handle them in a positive manner by the guidance of Allah.

So without any hesitation I took 'Shahada' and embraced Islam. I do not miss the namaz five times at home. I thank my mother for all the moral support that she offered to help me perform namaz at home. I pray always for her relief from Cancer. I supplicate to Allah for my father and brother to accept Islam Still they are not aware that I have reverted towards Islam.

Pain is Allah's megaphone to arouse the deaf world. Al-Quran opened my heart and I understand the divine love that dwells in me. Suffering and death cannot leave me indifferent. Because now I committed to the promotion of truth, love and peace. Now, I am not worried about my future life. I hope Allah bestows his infinite mercy on me and protects me from all troubles, because now I am a Muslim. Alhamdhullilah proud and happy to be one. Earlier my name was Sowmiya now I am Sumaiya n

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Pain Turned Me Towards Allah!
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