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 We Love Allah, We Love Knowledge!

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PostSubject: We Love Allah, We Love Knowledge!   Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:52 am

We Love Allah, We Love Knowledge!

The Third Educational Exhibition organised by Wisdom International School will go down in history as a memorable event for all times to come

By Nigar Ataulla

February 14, 2004- "Indians celebrated Valentine's Day by sending 30 million SMSs, gifting one lakh cards and 1000 tonnes of flowers. A popular card shop says that their sales went up by 50 per cent! While a mainstream newspaper published this data very proudly on its front page, it did not make any mention of what the saner sections of Indians did. While the world was busy selling and buying red roses and red hearts, in a little corner of Bangalore, little children of Wisdom International School showed the world what it meant to love Allah, what it meant to love school and what it meant to love knowledge.

The Third Educational Exhibition organised by Wisdom International School will go down in the history of this city as a memorable event for all times to come. The School which provides education for girls and boys upto the 10th standard showcased the best of the displays put up by their students. It was amazing to see the efforts made by the kindergarten kids to make a model of the Metro Food-imagine cute little packets of noodles, fruits and bread in a super-market. This piece won the first place. There was not a single element from our environment which was not covered in the exhibition. If you did not know how your blood cells worked, check with Yousuf and Faraz of the sixth and seventh standard. We take the simple projector for granted. But the Wisdom children from standard ninth showed the intricate working of the projector. Inculcating Islamic values has been the core focus of Wisdom, right since its inception in the year 2000. So there was the Deeniyath Project and Quran and Science showpiece, which stole the show. Working hard for a living was brought out excellently by Ruwaida and Zuneera of the ninth standard with their models on human occupation. What's more, they even had the smoke coming out of the model factory chimneys!

The Educational Exhibition which attracted a large crowd has set the trend for other schools to emulate it. Wisdom School International offers the best of contemporary education with Islamic knowledge. The introduction of Science and Mathematics clubs, humanities and literary societies, besides the CMCA (Children's Movement for Civil Awareness) also help the students to get a varied and healthy exposure.

A Montessori section has been set up in the academic year 2003-04 in order to bring out perfection in the child's personality in a natural harmonious way. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-school competitions. In fact, Chetan Raj of Wisdom High School won the gold in the 50 M back-stroke events in the invitational inter-school aquatic championships. Suhail Sharif walked away winning the third place at an inter-school spelling contest recently.

If you wish to inculcate the Islamic values in your children, alongside modern education, blended with humanitarian values, Wisdom International School is the place you have to visit for a heart to heart talk with the soft-spoken teachers and supervisors who will guide you all the WAY
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We Love Allah, We Love Knowledge!
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