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PostSubject: THE PASSED AWAY SHAIKH AHMED DIDAT   Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:10 am

A Big Lesson for Us

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, is paralysed, but continues preaching Islam from his bed!

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, is today over 85 years. Paralyzed, but is able to move his eyes and head. But he has not given up l debating with Christians on Islam, by means of an electronic communication board activated with a laser beam attached to his head.

Muhammad Bin Abdullah Caraballo shares a touching account of his meeting with Ahmad Deedat in Durban.

Upon our arrival to Durban International Airport, we were received by IPCI staff member (Islamic Propagation Center International) to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's house in Verulam town which is 100 km away from the city of Durban. When we arrived at Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's house, we were received and welcomed by Mr Yusuf Deedat and his mother who then took us to Sheikh Ahmed's room. When I saw him I broke into tears, to see Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, one of the greatest scholars of comparative religion lying down on his bed and still keeping his Iman strong accepting what is given to him by Allah and still continues his debate with some Christian priests. It is a big lesson to all of us. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat has the locke d- in syndrome because of a cerebral vascular accident affecting the brain stem about 7 years ago. When this happened he was taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment, together with his wife for about nine months. After that, he returned back to his house at Verulam and is now being nursed by his wife. All I can say is to pray to Allah Subhana wataallah to give him shifaa. He obtains his nutrition via a gastrotomy (a pipe through his stomach). His wife has looked after him remarkably well considering the fact he has no bed sores whatsoever. His current medication comprises a twice daily regimen of humulin 30/70 as well as daily heparin. He requires ferrimed, one daily for his iron deficiency anaemia. Although his body is total paralysed, apart from his upper part of his head (from his nose upward) he cannot eat, drink, speak or swallow anything, but he is fully alert and he can communicate via a chart, whereby each word is formed by him looking at the letters of the alphabet and in turn he nods his head with the appropriate word. In this way he is able to communicate with complete sentences. Subhanallah, he is paralysed, but he hears whatever is conveyed to him, understands it and answers back using the chart. Kindly pray for Deedat's recovery, Inshallah!

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