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 Some Chocolates, Some Counselling!

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PostSubject: Some Chocolates, Some Counselling!   Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:52 pm

Some Chocolates, Some Counselling!

It gives immense peace to do things for people without expecting anything in return and for Heena Kausar, it has become her mission in life!

Even Smiling at Your Brother is an act of Charity-said Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

Leave alone smiling, how often have you sulked just because someone did not reply to your saalam, how often have you done good things to people and expected something back, how often you give gifts and expect it to be repaid back, how often have you lost sleep and your cool because your best friend did not call you for days? Or better still, how often you gifted something to somebody and did not expect anything back? Seems a hard thing to do right? But Heena Kausar Mehak has led a life where the word " take" never ever figures. It has been "Give" all the way!

It all started about five years ago when her ailing mother had to be taken often to the Manipal Hospital here in Bangalore for kidney dialysis. Waiting in hospitals can be sheer torture. But Heena decided to make her wait more pleasant. So she would stock her bag with chocolates to munch on. With others around her, she felt it all the better to share the chocolates with them. So along with friends and relatives of other patients, her bag of chocolates would soon be empty. She offered sweets to each person who bumped into her at the hospital-from the watchman at the gate to the ward boy-the nurse and of course the doctor. So whenever Heena arrived at the hospital, there would be a chorus of " chocolate aunty has arrived."

What makes Heena such a generous person? " It gives me peace and pleasure to see someone smile. If I can put a smile on one person's face, it is like making a million people smile,' says Heena. Gifting chocolates has become a part of Heena's life now.

Behind the charming smile of Heena, lies a story of struggle and strength. Heena was born in Mumbai and later embraced Islam in 1976. She developed a deep interest in Islam years before she married a Muslim. She would ask her friends to teach her the surahs from the Quran. "The first thing I learnt was " bismillah irrahman irrahim". Then I learnt reading the Quran when I was abroad in the Gulf for a long time. But I do feel sad about one fact that when I was in Mumbai, there were hardly any people who could really teach me the essence of Islam or for that matter the surahs. They would tell me we just know the basic surahs to read in the namaz. I wanted to learn much more," recalls Heena.

Heena says that she was awed to see Muslims praying in the jamaat. The orderly fashion by which they all bowed down together struck a chord in my heart. That's when I was curious to know more about Islam, but I never knew , I would get married to a Muslim,." says Heena shyly.

Back from the Gulf, settled in Bangalore now, Heena is keen to do many things for the community. “I am a good orator. Once when I was in the Gulf, I was asked to participate in a debate about why there is a misconception that Muslims bathe only on Fridays. When we are asked this question we get offended. But I handled this and told them that when people from other communities pose such questions-we need to calmly tell them that as Muslims we perform our ablutions (wudu) five times a day-the whole day we are pure it is like taking a bath everyday and not just on Fridays, " explains Heena.

With Islam being distorted today, what is the best way to present Islam? Says Heena, " Today we have mixed the concept of Hinduism and Islam. We should never offend people from other religions. If we don't like it, let us not criticise and hurt them. That will only take them far away from us. Tell me, today aren't we as Muslims committing shirk many times? Let us look within ourselves and reform ourselves first," says Heena.

With her motto of spending her life doing good to others, Heena has completed a professional course in Counselling. Apart from visiting hospitals to lend her moral support in her own way by speaking to the patients or their relatives, she has determined to make a positive difference in the lives of people.

She selflessly gives a patient hearing to people by listening to their problems-be it anything-marital, family problems, problems about life or for that matter just if somebody wishes to unburden their worries, she makes time for them.

" I believe in practising Islam in its spirit. Allah wants us to submit to him and so I strongly believe that if you cannot give happiness to somebody, you have no right to hurt them either. So I wish to tell women that they are emotionally very strong, so they should not fear anybody except Allah. Today, truth has become a rare virtue and as long as we live we should stand up for the truth and that is my mission in life," she says.

It gives immense peace to do things for people without expecting anything in return. For a person like Heena who has been doing this for years, it has become a part of her life. Unassuming, simple and caring, Heena offered to spare her time to listen to and counsel people on their woes and worries. You can get in touch with Heena Kausar on her email which is as pleasant as her-its Of course, do not forget to carry some roses and lilies for Heena if you visit her, as her gentle counselling will take your burdens off your heart and mind and you will surely come back feeling as light as a rose.

Truth Triumphs at the End

I am shakir, M.B.A., M.A., a blind person from Tirupati, Andhrapradesh.
I have written the holy Quran in braille script which made an entry into Limca World Book of Record.
I am presenting this short story which is based on my real life experience.

By Noor Shakir

It was a usual Friday afternoon of a working day. Jilani, Bage and I set off to the Andhra Pradesh Services Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) Depot at Kuppam. The purpose of my visit to the terminal was to procure a bus pass, which would allow a visually challenged person to undertake a journey on fifty-percent concession within the state along with an escort. I went straight up to the base. Here is what happened then. When I asked somebody over there, he told us that Mr. Altaf was the person in charge of issuing the pass. When I met the clerk concerned he said to us, "what can I do for you sir"? "I've come here to apply for the pass", said I. "What are you sir?" he asked me. Before long I could respond, my great comrades on the spur of the moment answered with a great pride, "Oh you know? He is working as an English teacher in the adjacent Government Boys High school". "Ah! Is it? That's really nice of him. However sir, I'm sorry to inform you that he cannot get a pass since you say that he is a government employee", replied the clerk. " ", I said to myself. My friends actually tried to magnify my image in order to ease the process. But alas poor fellows! It boomeranged. Having gone there I wanted to return home with success in my kitty.

My next ploy was to speak to him in Urdu because he was a Muslim. In Urdu I said to him in a shaky voice, "my name is Shakir." in an attempt to melt him. "So what?" implied his silence. Even that trick hardly paid off. Internally, I had become so adamant and I wouldn't accept defeat that sooner.

As results were hard to come by, by talking sugar and honey, I demanded him to show me the Government Order pertaining to this matter. He was royally quiet meaning to say that he was not answerable to me. The only thing I could do was to retreat home quietly and take revenge on my adversary later, as Muhammad Ghori did against Prithviraj. After I reached my home, my mind had been seriously contemplating to get the work done through hook or crook.

Next morning I woke up, did my ablutions and along with my student, Ganesh I set out to the depot. I had been waiting for almost an hour or so when Mr. Altaf arrived there at 11 A.M. On seeing me he displayed a question mark on his face as if to imply, "why are you here again sir when I've informed you that you can't get the pass? "Sir sure my friends told you that I was a teacher. But let me tell you the truth that I've been hired on a temporary basis", I said. Inside I knew to myself that what I was saying was untrue. I had done enough homework and had gone there with a ready-made answer. Good Altaf had been left with no other option but to oblige me. He could have asked me to produce a credential to this effect. But he didn't. He asked me to give him a photocopy of my medical certificate, which had been issued by the District Medical Board, Rs. 10.00 and two photographs. When I had handed them over to him he asked me to see him the following week. Can you just imagine how hilarious I would have been at that time when my misrepresentation had perfectly stumped Mr. Altaf?

On the appointed day I met Mr. Altaf in his office the following week. My pass had almost got ready. Then came the real turning point of the whole show. Suddenly, the clerk questioned me where I was from. I told him that I was from Tirupati, which was about 200 kilometres away from Kuppam. Earlier I had handed over Rs. 10.00, medical certificate and two photographs to the clerk. But this time he returned me the favour saying that according to rules only the natives of the town and the non-government officials should be issued the pass. I was completely unaware of these precepts

So I didn't have any card to retort to that of his. Sometime ago my mistatement had made a futile attempt to stump truth. But finally I realised that my lie had been clean bowled. This wonderful experience taught me a memorable lesson that "our lies may drench us in temporary joy but they can't take us through to our destination. For success gained through falsehood is a ripple aroused when children throw little pebbles into water.

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Some Chocolates, Some Counselling!
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