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 Mahr- The Pure Gift

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PostSubject: Mahr- The Pure Gift   Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:29 pm

Mahr- The Pure Gift

Through his sheer hard work, Rehan Ansari,
A social worker has brought about path-breaking changes in the inhuman living conditions in Madanpura!
By G.M.Shaikh
Islam has given the Muslim woman, The right to receive Mahr from her husband during marriage

Mahr or dower is a sum of money or other property, which the wife is entitled to receive from the husband in consideration of the marriage. There is no maximum limit for the amount. However, it cannot be less than ten Dirhams. It can be fixed either before, or at the time of marriage or after marriage; and can be increased, after the marriage. If the amount of dower is not fixed, the wife is entitled to “PROPER” dower (Mahr-i-Misl) even if the marriage was contracted on the express condition that she should not claim any dower. In determining what is “PROPER,” regard is to be had to the amount of dower settled upon other women members of her father’s family, such as her father’s sisters. Dower becomes confirmed (a) by consummation of the marriage; or (b) by a valid retirement (Khilrate-saliha) or (c) by the death of either the husband or the wife. The dower can either be prompt or deferred. The wife may remit the dower or any part thereof in favour of the husband or his heirs.

1. It shall be no offence for you to divorce your wives before the marriage is consummated or the dowry is settled. Provide for them with fairness; the rich man according to his means, and the poor man according to his. This is binding on righteous men. If you divorce them before the marriage is consummated, but after the dowry has been settled, give them half of their dowry, unless they or the man in whose hand is the marriage tie agree to forgo it. But it is more pious that he should forgo it. Do not forget to show kindness to each other. Allah observes your actions. (Surah Al-Baqara- 2 – Verse-236 and 237).

2. Reasonable provision should also be made for divorced women. That is incumbent on righteous men. (Surah Al-Baqara- 2 Verse -241).

3. Give women their dowry as a free gift, but if they choose to make over to you a part of it, you may regard it as lawfully yours. (Surah Al-Nisa- 4 Verse -4).

4. For how can you take it back, when you have lain with each other and entered into a firm contract. (Surah Al-Nisa- 4 Verse -21).

5. Give them their dowry for the enjoyment you had of them as a duty; but it shall be no offence for you to make any other agreement among yourselves, after you have fulfilled your duty. Allah is the knowing, the wise. (Surah Al-Nisa- 4 Verse-24). 6. Marry them with the permission of their masters and give them their dowry in all justice, provided they are honourable and chaste and have not entertained other men. (Surah Al-Nisa- 4 Verse -25).

The Best of Burkha

Non-Muslims respect and appreciate the concept of Hijab a great deal
By M.A.Muqtadeer

I am tempted to narrate this due to an incident that occurred to my colleague named Mrs. Janaki who is working in our office (Vidyut Soudha). After office, she was returning home, after a walk of 5-6 furlong from office at Anand Nagar, Hyderabad a miscreant slapped her and snatched five tolas gold chain from her neck and fled away. Incidentally, on the same day, two more such cases were registered, the same news was published in “The New Indian Express” dated 19-05-04

This news spread in our office and pointing out on this incident, my officer Mr. R.Satyanarayana was discussing this with me and he disclosed that your women are safe and secure by all means because they wear the Burkha.. At the same time he was going on appreciating the principles of Islam and especially the wearing of Burkhas. Thanks to Islam and Allah’s Prophet (Peace be upon him) for framing the best principles which are not only the Imaan of Muslims, but non-Muslims too are attracted and some of them are practising it as they believe that this principle of Islam is most useful and helpful to live and lead life safely, successfully and satisfactorily.

Why should a woman wear the hijab? What advantages does she get? Many non-Muslims also cannot stop themselves from appreciating the Islamic principles and its positive impact on mankind. The hijab is one of those principles, which plays a very vital role in the life of women. I have listed some points suitably labelled the best of Burkha.

First and foremost, you will feel comfortable, confident and compatible in front of strangers. ,
No one can tease you and can neither take undue advantage of your beauty nor come close to you.
Any anti-social element cannot harm you due to the Burkha as its colour itself communicates to him that it his black day if he harms you.
A burkha-clad woman evokes respect and also gives a sense of piety to the onlookers.
You can feel safe and secure from the chain snatchers, eve teasers and other miscreants.
You will feel healthy, happy, young, charming, fresh and glowing by avoiding dust and pollution.
Your hair will be protected as exposure to sunlight makes hair go grey faster.
Last, but not the least, you are obeying Allah and pleasing Him.

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Mahr- The Pure Gift
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