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Haroon Rasheed was a very ready-witted person. Someone asked him “have you ever met a person more quick-witted and intelligent than you?” Haroon Rasheed replied “ I have come across three such people. First of all, the mother of Fazl Suhail, who was weeping bitterly on her son’s death. I consoled her saying that I would become her son in his place. I shall keep you with utmost respect and comfort.”

Secondly, an astrologer claimed Prophet-hood and called himself Musa bin Imran. He was brought to my Court. I told him that Musa had miracles associated with him. Can you too show miracles?” He answered back “Musa had showed miracles at the time when Firoun had claimed to be the master of the world. Do you also proclaim likewise so that I might show my miracles?”

And last of all, a peasant from a village visited my court and complained about the atrocities of the zamindar. I told him that the zamindar was unjust. “Then the benefits of his judgements ought to reach other people also, not just me” replied the impudent peasant.
Saying of Prophet MUhammad (Pbuh)

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said that

* A person who gains knowledge for personal pride and honour, dies the death of an illiterate and ignorant person.

* A person who gains knowledge to preach it among others without following it himself, dies the death of a hypocrite.

* A person who gains knowledge for the sole purpose of debates and discussions, dies the death of an evil-doet.

* A person who gains knowledge to accumulate wealth in the world, dies the death of an irreligious person.

* A person who gains knowledge with the sole motive of following it, knows the most about his creator and accepts the task of preaching in the way of Allah.

Name : Dr. Mohd. Alkaf
Add : MDS (Ortho), Raju-lane, Medical College, TRIVANDRUM-695011.
Hobbies : Islamic Books, Writing, Travel, Pen-friends.

Name : Shaikh Sabir Mohammed
Add : C/23, Room No-5, Park-site Colony, Vicharoli (w), MUMBAI.
Hobbies : Studies, Hear Ghasals, Read Magazines and News papers.

Name : Ayub Khan
Add : Post Box.No-71, GPO Camp, BELGAUM-590001.
Hobbies : Antiques, Philately, Coin collection, Gardening, Internet, Foot-ball, Reading Qur’an, Prayer etc.

Name : Ataullah Khan
Add : Tank Mohalla, IInd cross, D.No.40/2, SHIMOGA- 577202.
Hobbies : Reading Islamic Books, Tourisum, Good Character friendship.

Name : A.A. Siddiqui
Add : No-79/119, Bansmandi, KANPUR-208001.
Hobbies : Reading Islamic Literature, and Magazines.

Name : S. Ghufran Ali
Add : No-232, Rajapur, ALLAHABAD.
Hobbies : Sports, Knowing about Islam.

Name : Shakil Ahmed .M.
Add : Near Urdu School, Post. Ganjimut, MANGALORE-574144.
Hobbies : Reading, Learning, Pen-friends.

Name : Nafeesath Mohidin Beary
Add : No-41/1427, Subhash Nagar, Chembur, MUMBAI-400071.
Hobbies : Reading Islamic Voice, Pen-friends.

Name : Imran Ali Khan
Add : Sadar Bazaar, Near Old Post office-line, Sadar Nagpur-440001.
Hobbies : Learn Tannis, Badminton, chess, friendship.

Name : Yassir Yaqoob
Add : Tajkistan, Dushanbe (C-I-S), P.O.Box-No.30,
Hobbies : Friendship, Acting, Singing, Reading news-papers etc.

Name : Md. Wakil
Add : WALLIGANJ, P.O. ARRAH, Dist. Bhojpur-802301.
Hobbies : Reading news paper and Islamic Books,Friendship, listening Music.
The Real Friend

Mahir and Kaleem were bosom friends. Mahir had joined the school only six months ago and had earned a place on the front desk through hardwork and good performance in the examinations. Kaleem had been a student of the school from the first standard. Only son of a rich and ever-busy parents, he had hardly anybody at home to guide his studies. He spent most of his after-school hours watching television programmes, playing video games or listening to music or worthless cricket commentaries. Too much of money had made him pleasure-loving. He was known as a laggard in the sixth standard class.

But eversince Mahir had joined him in the class, Kaleem had friended him. He had even discovered an easy escape from the daily homework. He would borrow notebooks from Mahir and copy the homework. Mahir advised him against the practice many a time but could never refuse lending him notebooks. Mahir knew very well that copying would not help Kaleem during the examination.

Concerned at Kaleem’s plight, Mahir thought out a scheme. He secretly met his class teacher Ms. Nasreen and explained her the idea.

On a day when Mahir was absent in the class, Ms. Nasreen checked the homework notebooks. Working according to the scheme, she gave full marks to Kaleem for the “excellent homework” whereas all others in the class were taken to task for “shoddy writing and inaccurate answers. The undeserved praise gave Kaleem a sense of false pride. Even for a moment he could not imagine that all that was said about him by Madam Nasreen was only because of his good friend Mahir.

But the joy proved shortlived. Soon after she had checked the homework, Madam Nasreen asked Kaleem to pick up a chalkpiece and work out the mathematical problems and the grammar exercises on the black board Kalum was completely at sea. The chalk slipped out of his shivering fingers. “Madam!”, Kaleem blurted out, “I was deceiving you all these months. I never attempted doing my homework. I was merely copying from Mahir’s notebooks”. Tears welled up in his eyes and his voice became choked as he promised never to repeat this mistake.

“Madam! I was, in fact, cheating myself. You have opened my eyes”, Kaleem admitted.

The trick had worked. And none was happier than Mahir. His sincere effort at reforming Kaleem had borne fruit. Kaleem was now a changed boy. Soon his performance improved and he took a seat with Mahir. Now their friendship grew even deeper.
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