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PostSubject: THE AIM OF THIS SITE   Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:30 pm

The aim of this site is to provide English-speaking non-Muslims and reverts with basic information without all the technicalities about Islamic Beliefs, history and civilization, and at the same time allow all the Islamic Forum students to view the Khutabs, down-load the weekly lessons and lectures and to keep all members of the Forum informed about news and events.

While we as Muslims believe and accept that the entire Quran is the word of Almighty Allah (God) and we would like every one to accept it as such, Almighty Allah (God) Himself has given the freedom of religion which we respect. With that in mind, all we hope is that non-Muslims will at least enlighten themselves by knowing what Islam is all about. We hope that Muslims, Christians and Jews and all others will find ways to work together to bring peace on earth by eradicating immorality, fear, hate, disease, poverty and injustice. We hope that the articles, essays and Sermons (Khutabs) will be useful in understanding some basics of Islam.

Several very comprehensive Islamic websites are available with voluminous information about different aspects of Islam. We have found these sites very informative for Muslims but perhaps a bit difficult for English-speaking non-Muslims and reverts to easily understand.

Warning: There are serious risks too involved in propagation through the Internet. There is no censorship of this "open to all" medium. During the course of my surfing of Islamic sites, I have discovered that certain anti-Islamic elements, in the name of Islam, are trying to portray Islam negatively . They have even created web pages which in look and appearance are like Islamic pages but the information is mischievously provided to confuse and misguide the surfer.

Although this site is small in comparison to others, it is our intention to add new topics and information regularly (If space permits).

Disclaimer: The perspective, views, or opinions articulated in my writings/works as well as choice and arrangement of the contents on this homepage; do not necessarily represent the views, or opinions of any organization or institution I am affiliated or identified with.
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